The Closet Edit


What is a Closet Edit?

When you book your closet edit, Ashley or one of Main Line Fashionista’s Freelance Stylists will come to your home and help you go through your closet and help you decide what you should keep, consign or donate. Once you have decided what you should keep, Main Line Fashionista stylists will help you mix and match those pieces to create new looks! They will also be able to spot missing pieces and make suggestions on items for you as you move forward. You will be pleasantly surprised that getting rid of items can actually open your wardrobe up to more possibilities, saving you time and money as you dress yourself! You will never feel like you have nothing to wear after a closet edit!
What do I need to know or do before the Closet Edit?

Set aside about two to three hours. It’s helpful to have a full length mirror in your room because you may be trying stuff on here and there. Also be ready to share about what you are aiming to achieve as far as your look. Bonus points if you have purchased a new, well-fitting bra within the last 6-months!
What happens during Closet Edit?

You’ll start by chatting with your stylist about your clothes and your needs during a phone meeting. After that, you’ll set a date for your closet edit! Then you two work in your closet, probably in your bedroom or spare bedroom. Your stylist typically starts with whatever she sees first! All the while, she’ll have you try things on, or lay looks on your bed, and snap pictures of the looks you two have created to put in your personal “Look Book.”
What happens after the Closet Edit?

Main Line Fashionista Stylist will go home and create your personal “Look Book” with the images she took at your house as well as your “Style Wish List.” The wish list is created as a resource for your next shopping trip. It will include items that she thought were missing in your closet so that you can create more looks from your clothes!